Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Improvement Season Begins

I caught that darn bug. But I'm pretty sure we all knew I would :) *SIGH* It was an amazing experience. I feel like I can never really explain it quite right, but the end feeling... the completion... the result of stepping on stage perfectly proud of what you have done... One can only experience it for themselves to truly empathize with what I'm talking about.

From what I understand, its like giving birth. And being born. Women go through months and months of discomfort to come to the end which is hours upon hours of pain... To be presented with a beautiful child coming straight from their own body. And competing is similar: we work for months constantly tired and uncomfortable. And come peak week, it can be painful lol. Except in the end we present something so much more amazing than we could ever predict or imagine. When I was imagining the package I would bring to the stage, it wasn't this...

I'm being serious! I definitely didn't expect it. Because at one point, I was this....

Going from the longest week of my life down to the shortest minutes of my life, it really was such an incredible experience. I was so glad that I took the last couple of days off before the show, really just to get all my stuff done... errands and appointments.

Ugh errands, they wear me the eff out. Wednesday night after work, I headed straight to Huckleberry's. For those that don't live in this area, they're really the only "health food"/"yuppy" place in the city. We only recently got a Trader Joe's, there is no Whole Foods around. Lame. And the reason I needed to go there specifically was because they're the only place that sells my favorite beer.

After my workout, I headed to Wal-mart for some things. On Thursday, I met with my prep coach in the morning and then headed straight to get waxed. Oh man. That poor girl saw more of me than she probably ever wanted to. Full legs, underarms, Brazilian, and eyebrows. If errands didn't wear me out, that did. Results are totally worth it. ;)

Waxing almost everywhere lol, nails did, toes did and tan... All the running around wore me out! And driving with the spray tan... UGH! But let me tell you a little lesson I learned... No one can tell your tan smudges from the stage. Just sayin... I worried way too much about nothing.

And I have to admit, I wasn't even remotely nervous. It was fun being back stage seeing people snack on gummi bears and jelly beans, watching the Physique guys gorge on Krispy Kremes after they were done with the stage. I learned all about that unspoken rule of helping other competitors... I taped no less than 3 bikinis to boobs & bootys. It was also fun meeting the other girls my coach trains! I love that backstage, no one appears super competitive. Because we all know at that point, there is nothing we can do to get better. When it came time to take the stage, I knew in that moment that I could not have done anything differently. 

The reality is that at this very moment in time, I could not have done any better. We go through long periods of time controlling ourselves and holding onto our self-discipline and working intensely on our character to obtain something we want. But we aren't perfect, and we can't expect to be perfect. We can only expect to do our best. And if this is where my body is its best at this very moment, then that was ME doing my best.

And I think this took away the nerves and anxiety, because I knew. And I am on cloud 9.
Hmmm, maybe it isn't taught how to pose for the money shot.. :)

 I took second in Bikini Class A. I was told that the judges were looking for a softer and rounder look with the shift in all divisions. However! 2nd place for my first competition?! I'll take that!  

My first meal ended up being a beer and a Subway BLT... in bed. No joke, I took a shower and got in bed with my food... Bliss. Later we decided to go out for a nice Seafood dinner at the Coeur d' Alene Resort.

And thus begins the off-season! :) I was sore ALL weekend from the show. Flexing & posing so long made me incredibly sore in my quads, abs & back! But I spent Monday right back on track with the diet so I can ease carbs back in, was all over the water even though it made me realize how bloated I truly was haha! And was right back on cardio & weights to put these calories to use. I'm itching to plan my next shows, but excited for time to improve and work on wedding & business stuff.  I'll update with my professional photos & video when I get it!

Thanks for all your support everyone! :) You guys kept me going!


  1. So proud of you!!! You did it!!!

    And YOU knew how to pose for the money shot and that's all that matters!! ;)


  2. I'm so happy for you my gorgeous friend! You looked amazing and watching your dream of being onstage finally come true was just awesome. You are my hero.

  3. I think the judges got it wrong on this one. I think 1st place is clearly someone who has trained put in the time worked hard for muscle definition. I want someone to win who has spent time in the gym not just skinny. I might would think moving up to figure. You should be very proud-you look great!

  4. Way to go!! Congrats!!!
    You look amazing!!! & beautiful & awesome =)

  5. oh! ive been waiting for this post!!!
    i may or may not have contemplated emailing you compulsively all weekend....
    LOVED this post,maybe because you corresponded pregnancy with competing and im *that* pregnant chic *waiting*for my prize at the end!!!

    I am SO proud of you,and happy and excited that you were able to take in the full experience of being a physique athlete!
    you looked simply stunning!!!!
    and your journey to the stage?
    it has been awesome following you along for the ride!!!
    cant wait to see what your next adventure is...aside from wedding plans and all that fun stuff!!

  6. Aw Lacey, I am soooo happy for you!!!!! You ROCKED it the f out, mama ;-). What an accomplishment - I can't wait to follow whatever comes next!

  7. Congrats, you look amazing and totally rocked your first competition. What an accomplishment, your hard work truly shows, congrats again!!!

  8. You looked AWESOME!!!! Wooohoo! You did it!!! So excited and proud! Your journey is an inspiration! Go you!!!! :-D

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it!!! I'm so happy for you and proud of you! You looked amazing, beautiful, and composed on stage. :)

  10. Gurh! You look AMAZING!! So proud of and for you. You pics are really good and your "money shot" is right on. All of your prep and hard work definately payed off. You have found your calling. :)

  11. Whoo hooooo! You did it! You looked amazing! I hope you get your pancakes now! I am soooooo proud of this accomplishment !!!!!! You rocked it!

  12. I'm sorry I've been so MIA, but I HAVE been following your whole journey and so proud of you!! You looked amazing and deserved your top placement :) I can't believe that before picture is you - WOW. You really have showed the world that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.

    I needed that motivation - I'm currently searching for mine!