Wednesday, June 12, 2013

25 Things You Didn't (Or Did) Know About Me

Just for some conversation and fun, here's 25 things you may or may not know about me. :)

1. After my first contest prep, I have not eaten a single piece of tilapia. And since my second contest prep, I have only eaten broccoli a handful of times.
2. My gag reflex is really strong.
3. I eat approximately 4 cucumbers a day - Love them! (In the past, this has been known to go up to 6 a day - btw, these are FULL of water as well as chondroitin which helps rebuild your joints!)
4. I have 4 sisters and adore all of them.
Jessica, Stephanie, myself, My mother Jan, Kasey, and Kari. Love. 

5. I wish all the time that I could see my sisters and their children more. They'll never know how often my thoughts go to them.
6. My first and third cars were Honda Civics. I now drive a Toyota 4Runner and will NEVER go back. I'm practically in love with that car.
7. I dream every single night, and usually remember my dreams. I get some of my best ideas through my dreams.
8. I think of new business possibilities for myself daily... But one day, (big dream) I'd like to own a coffee shop/bakery that sells high protein baked goods... and place it right by a bunch of gyms. :) I'd even do specialty protein shakes (because I make GOOD ones). I'd do protein coffees... I'd do vitamix shakes... Oh man...
9. I've tried to learn to knit at least 5 times, and usually re-start in the fall. One day I will get it!
10. It's likely that I could quote any miscellaneous line from Anchorman.
11. I HATE being on bad terms with anyone and will go out of my way to fix immediately.
12. Can't stand the smell of juniper or Gin - Otherwise known as Cat Piss. And I think my cat's pee actually smells better...
13. I have a thing for black cats. I'm not superstitious, more like I embrace the superstition.

14. I actually really just love animals. And frequently weep over our beautiful dane, Molly, that we lost last year.
15. I used to hope I'd turn out differently than my mother (because I'm the spitting image of her), but now I constantly wish I turn out more like her - especially with her patient nature.
16. I cannot find a workout buddy for the life of me! I can't even get my husband to lift with me... I've offered to be a workout buddy for lots of people, but it seems that in the PNW the fit people are loaners. One day I'll find a workout girlfriend so I can have any PR's.
17. I can't wear necklaces. I always want to, and will gawk over them at stores... but in reality, they bug my neck skin and I always take them off. The same with bracelets if I'm at work, they'll stay on if I'm at a social event. But never necklaces.
18. Lol sometimes I beat myself up for not being more girly. #17 case in point.
19. My favorite flower is peonies and wish I could plant them everywhere.
20. I cry a lot. I will spend whole yoga sessions crying and find myself spiritually struggling through a class. I always come out better. I swear, its better than therapy.
21. My dogs each weigh more than I do.
22. I can't stand people that yell at others. No one deserves to be depreciated.
23. My desk at work is ALWAYS tidy. I will lose things otherwise.
24. I have dreams about being able to squat 400 lbs. (Subconscious goal?)
25. The only diamonds I have ever received are from my husband when he proposed, to which I still beam over. I never thought I'd be worth diamonds to anyone. (You can catch me staring at it at any given moment of the day. It still makes me feel the exact same way as the day he put it on my finger.)

What's something about YOU that I don't know?? Would YOU workout with me?  (don't answer that. Most of you would kill me. lol)


  1. Lacey-
    You should come join me and two other girls. We workout every MWF in my garage....we got all sorts of weights,bars, and equipment.
    And the one thing you don't know about me is that I have a really bad gag reflex to!

    1. What time??? My work schedule is rigid, but I'll see what I can do!!!

  2. I love the bit about black cats and large dogs. We are much the same there. My jewelry nemesis is ear rings; would love to wear them but my ears hate them. :) AND I never want a workout partner, they slow me down or get in the way. Haha, Great blog idea, glad you shared, and I may have to steal the idea in the future. Take care,

    1. Haha! The only reason I want one, is because I'd love to be able to do forced reps and certain techniques that I can't do without a partner... And I'm too broke for a trainer right now. :)

  3. I itch when I sweat. And when I run my skin gets all red and splotchy (but not when I do any other sport)