Thursday, October 14, 2010

Onto The New (Studio)

Our studio has outgrown itself. And rightfully so. Our studio happens to be the only hot yoga and/or Bikram Yoga studio in Spokane, WA. Seriously. You'd think being a larger small city we'd have at least a couple hot yoga studios. But we don't.

At any rate, my studio's owner, Beth, started this thing in the basement of her home as she didn't have any other room or clientele. She had room for 12 students and 14 if we all squished in real tight like sardines.

And last night, myself, Mona and Ara took a bow to say goodbye to the hot room we all had experienced so much in.

Ara took care of an emotional time and a heavy burden of caring for a severe special needs child and a 15 year old with extreme ADHD. I dealt with the divorce and finding out who I am again. Many tearful hours spent in the back row. Mona handled body kinks and misalignments as well as it helped her kick her smoking habit. There is no limit to what this yoga can do for you.

So. Mona and I found it only fitting that we break in the new studio properly by both pulling doubles. We both are going to be doing teacher training at the same time and have been dubbed the Doublelicious Twins (Double your flavor, double your fun!). Kicking it off there with high energy and momentum!

It was a tad hard to find but:

It may not say *Bikram* but it is the only kind of hot yoga we do

And the torture chamber is amazing!
One of our teachers painted this beautiful mural. I wish it was on the ceiling so I'd have time to gaze at it in Savasana.
And one of my favorite things:

Its such a girly thing to love a bathroom but seriously! She even put out bowls of Q-Tips and hair bands!

It is such a lovely studio. I feel so proud of Beth and Eric and had to congratulate them both so many times.


  1. oh my goodness. What a beautiful studio! I love my studio here in SD, but I'm envious! :-)

  2. Beautiful-looking studio! What are the Q-tips for?!!


  3. Hehe! The Q-Tips are for those of us who sweat out of our ears in yoga. :)

  4. Hey lady, beautiful post and what a gorgeous studio! I love love LOVE the mural. Putting on the ceiling is an amazing idea, though :D Keep up your awesome blogging! Adding you to my list of yogis I follow :) XO

  5. Yay! I've been following yours for a while as well! :)