Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yoga Brain

Yoga Brain. [yoh-guh  breyn]
-adjective. A term used to describe the state the brain after yoga which is usually indicated by a number of astounding symptoms like, but not limited to: lacking in the ordinary ability to function properly in simple tasks like walking or using a yo-yo, the desire to drown ones stomach in coconut water, and the incapacity to articulate simple words or really remember anything at all.
-noun. A term used when one has Yoga Brain and explaining ones intellectual incapacitation. (i.e. "Forgive me, I can't really remember what my last name is right now... I have Yoga Brain.")

Btw, I still have Yoga Brain from last night. And feel a little like this:

A child dancing on the beach. No wonder I can't think! :)

Last night was my first practice in about a month. And it was lovely. Sometimes we all need a break from the thing we love in order to regain our perspective as well as our deep love for the thing. My issue is that I love too many things... Like weight lifting, which I had been out of practice of that for months.

It is amazing how my weight lifting has really affected my practice in a positive way. I didn't expect that. I honestly expected to come back and have my muscles be tight, my back stiff and struggle a ton. But I felt very strong during my practice. The first back bend during Half Moon I was able to go to my deepest point immediately and my sit ups were 10 times stronger. Apparently, taking a month off and lift weights has a different affect than just taking a month off period. And, surprisingly enough, I felt like I could handle any amount of difficulty associated with my practice. Like I really could give 110%.
So, in regards to Yoga Brain, I thought of a beautiful moment during my practice last night that I really wanted to blog about... but it's gone now. :)

Side information you probably didn't want to know:
I geeked out last night when I had a self-realization moment. I was eating dinner in the kitchen as I was cooking my lunch for today and checking out my muscles in the window (I was kind of practicing some postures as well as practicing some figure competition moves) and wondered if anyone ever caught me...? Also wondering what they would see... Would they see a blonde in her underwear snacking on chocolate pudding sticking out her ass? Or would they see an athletic chick in no makeup in her underwear snacking on protein pudding and practicing a yoga posture? Funny stuff. Especially with Yoga Brain.

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  1. Yoga brain! I love it. I always called it yoga stoned, but yoga brain is much more tasteful.

    Glad to hear the weight lifting is working out, no pun intended ;-) I'll have to consider it someday, when I'm not in the middle of the semester!