Thursday, September 30, 2010


My hugest pet-peeve ever... Being interrupted.

What that says to someone is "what I have to say is more important than what you have to say." I feel that I used to have a major problem interrupting people and I took a long period of time to just... listen.
Now, I find that I notice when people interrupt me and it is HUGELY irritating.

But as I think about life and working out and my yoga practice, life is just one long string of interruptions in the nice & neat row of plans that we make.

Within the topic of weight loss, we are encouraged to switch up our routines so: 1) we don't get bored and 2) our bodies don't get bored. It is true that our bodies are adaptable animals. Certain workouts will only work for so long doing the same thing over and over. After a while our bodies really decide to just... fake it. So we interrupt it. We interrupt our bodies from doing the same thing. We force our bodies to make a change by interrupting routines.

And until this moment, the idea of diet interruption never occurred to me. Why on some weeks do we lose more? Or why do we suddenly plateau? Maybe because my body gets bored with what I eat and how much.

Speaking of interruptions. Since I had my body fat taken I have changed up my diet to be getting in more protein and changed my workout to be spending more time lifting. A LOT more time. My ass is pretty much killing me right now... but that's how you shape a nice ass, people! ;) Also, I am incorporating more vitamins as I bought some Vitamin E & Fish Oil (to help with my knees as I'm lifting) and some glutamine (for recovery). Although I have lost a good amount of muscle, I feel very strong right now.

This made me giggle this morning. Oatmeal, eggs, supplements, protein shake, water, tea and my workout journal. I must seem like a FANATIC. Haha!

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