Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Wow. Dilemmas. So, as I like to do I have posted my measurements below. As you can see my body fat content has gone up. I'm not even worried about my weight number so much as I am my body fat content... Again, this is more about reaching my goals than it really is about the numbers.

Date:       1/26             2/16            3/9           4/8         8/11        9/26      
Weight:      150.5        146             141         138          125           121            
(Circumference In inches):
Bicep:          13        12.5          12          11.75            11                11
Chest:          37        37             36.5          35              34                32
Waist:          36.5     35.5          34.5          32              31               31
Hips:           41.5      40.5         39.5         38.75       37.5            34
Thigh:         25          24.5         24             23           22                  22
Calf:           16          16            15.25        15          14.75              14

BMI:          35.2%   33.4%     32.3%      29.3%      26%        28%              

As I met with a trainer yesterday, the only logical explanation of my weight decreasing and my body fat content going up is... I'm burning Lean Muscle. Suck. Body, that was NOT the deal. The deal was I'd work out and you'd burn fat.

Plans? Hmm. This is a toughie. Plan is to decrease cardio to just 30-40 minutes a day and heart rate LOW. Lift more, no interval training (meaning high cardio between sets), with real rests between sets of higher weight and 8-12 reps at a time. This is serious business.

I've been told that it would be a good idea to increase both my protein and carbs. I've been eating like a fat girl who is trying to lose weight. Which is now over. Its time to eat like a girl who is trying to cut fat & gain muscle. Right? I think I'm way too afraid of eating too much and getting big again.

Also, I've been thinking of hiring this trainer again. This guy is HUGE and seems to understand the basics of reallllly getting someone to trim fat and build muscle. I guess its something to consider even though trainers can be rather expensive, plus the cost of the gym, plus the cost of protein & supplements. Plus the cost of my real love, yoga. Why does being healthy cost so much?!

Anyway, I'm gonna get started on a new eating plan and workout schedule. Hope it works!

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