Friday, September 17, 2010

Eyes Open

I have to apologize. I am sorry. My darling love, whom happens to be an incredible encouragement giver and motivator... I put my failure onto him for the last couple of weeks.

The reality is that when you begin to fall in love you become exceedingly happy and as you continue to fall in love you let your guard down and find that comfortable place that you've never felt before. Which is all true. I fell in love with this man and I let my guard down as well as found a very comfortable happy place. And then don't we all know it, we wanna do something nice to make the Handsome happy... Like make him food. I whipped out my favorite family recipes on the daily just to find something new and tasty for him! And I knew it.

As I sit in my work chair today -not working- thinking about how to overcome this period of time where I can't seem to find the motivation to eat well over the weekends, I thought, "Maybe I need to talk to him about it... Tell him that I need to not have such rich meals and ask him to help me decide on healthy meals on the weekends."

Although it is a pretty good idea to have him help me decide on healthy meals for the weekends, my problem is that I put my burden on him. I know this man will eat whatever I give him. And Handsome WILL eat anything. But I get off on the "MMMMM! UH-HUH! Oh baby, THIS! This is amazing!" (-Handsome, in August when I made him crab cakes... But! He'd never EVER had crab cakes before! I HAD to!)

I wanted to put my burden onto him. I need to eat healthier on the weekends, when Handsome is around. To cut myself a little slack, I do love that man and love to make him happy... but we also have been extremely busy and on the go on the weekends.  But that is no reason to blame it on him. It isn't his fault. I have the full power and will to eat perfectly daily. So, I'm sorry Handsome. :)

Time to start thinking about how to accomplish the better eating lifestyle together.


  1. Hi!
    just came across your blog through Eat the Yolk. I LOVE your blog and your writing style!! We share a lot of the same interests :-)


  2. Aw thanks and welcome Torri! I get stoked every time I get a new follower. :)