Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 3 to 4: The Mystery

There is still something so compelling and mysterious about yoga.

There is always something I feel like I don't know. That maybe there is more than what meets the eye. Maybe the determination of it brings understanding. And possibly life itself. Or see god while using the greatest creation to it's best. For the extreme of what it is meant to do and the extreme of how it is meant to perform. That possibly the question of what life is meant for can be or is answered. Be kind to ourselves and kind to others. Be kind to yourself and smile because you have granted yourself the greatest gift. Because we found the key to the kingdom of life.

I felt my momentum falling apart this week. Just feeling tired again and sleeping a lot. But my diet is finally getting back on track... I'm able to resist fatty tasty meals no problem and the protein is high again. Also adjusting to the many small meals thing. Starting to feel the control come back and that feeling is incredible. Not being a slave to my body and what it wants... but purely giving it what it needs. Not an easy thing to accustom your body to.

Also, I've been given a new supplement to try: Lipo6x Black Hers. It's supposed to boost my energy prior to workouts. I'm trying it out for the first time today (Friday). Which is a good thing because I have a rather ambitious workout today... 60 mins cardio, 30 min run & 30 mins of weights! I'm hoping this is the thing I need to take off my last 10 lbs of fat!! And maybe a little more if I end up being really ambitious... which is both likely and unlikely. It's unlikely that I will want to (keep dieting etc) but it's also likely that I won't be satisfied until that is gone and I can fit into some DAMN BOOTS!
Later Friday: I had an awesome workout! I only did 20 mins of cardio but did what I had planned on the rest. This product truly does work!

Week 4: (September 13th-19th)

5:30 Yoga
AM: 60 mins cardio, 30 mins weights (arms ) PM: 4:30 Yoga
6:30 AM Yoga, 30 minute run, 930 Weight Watchers for weigh in
4:30 Yoga
PM: 60 mins cardio & 30 mins weights (arms & abs), 30 minute run
Saturday: 9:30 AM Yoga
Sunday: Rest

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