Friday, June 17, 2011

Hodge Podge Post: Questions and Progress Pics

Alright. Some of you already know I'm really battling insomnia. Its been a rough time. I don't imagine it getting better anytime before my contest... which is 3 months away. Eeesh. I hope as I see the fat come off that my anxiety about being on stage will decrease and I'll start sleeping more soundly. Anyway, I keep working on a bunch of random posts but cannot form one succinct and/or comprehensive post. So, this post is a Hodge-podge of my thoughts at the moment:

I have questions for those of you who compete, if you feel comfortable sharing. :) If you prefer, feel free to email me instead!

1. For those of you who use Jan Tana- Do you only use the exfoliator that comes with the package, or do you also use another exfoliant to help it?

2. Do you shave your whole body? Or wax? Just parts?

3. How do you plan your birth control? Or do you? Because no joke, TOM is scheduled for PEAK WEEK. WTF?! I'm not sure if I can force it to come whilst on the Nuva Ring.

4. Any competitors battle insomnia? Or maybe even contest anxiety? I think I have both and its really starting to affect my day to day and my prep. I don't meet with new trainer for another week or two. My muscles aren't even getting the appropriate rest at this point. :(

5. Anyone jeweled their own suit before? Any tips and tricks you think I should know?

Here's a quick progress pic, you maybe can't see much but I'm feeling pretty good! Down to 116.5lbs- I feel like when I'm looking at these, I'm seeing an overall fat loss, not a particular fat pocket. It is apparent at this point in time, however, that my last fat pockets that may come off are my love handles, around my belly button (but that isn't even much, although it sticks out I'm 90% sure that's because its sitting over some awesome abs I've built haha), and the back of my thighs. Those are the only parts of my body at this time that I feel like I have a fair amount to lose from. Everywhere else is pretty much an overall fat layer. Pics in red pants were taken 4/12 new pics 4/16:
I'm having measurements taken again on Monday 6/20 as well as measurements, body fat & overall assessment on Monday the 27th with my new trainer Jacques. Can't wait to see the progress! Have a great weekend friends!! :)


  1. Since this is my first time competing too, I don't know the answers to most your questions, but my trainer suggests getting off hormonal birth control (which I have done). It will be difficult to lean down without doing so, because the extra estrogen will cause your body to hold onto fat. I have an IUD and love it - highly suggest it!

  2. Yeap you've lean up girly. I can see more curve in your waist. Good job!!!

    As far as lack of sleep give a try to some melatonin, you can take up to 10mg about 1/2h before you go to bed. I've found that when I use this I fall to sleep quite easily. You can find it in the natural product at the pharmacy.

  3. Great job! I can't wait for my abs to look like that! :-D

  4. @bsuperwoman-unfortunately, I cant do anything other than hormonal or condoms as I am also an ovum donor.I guess this will be a prep coach thing.
    @Julie-I've definitely done melatonin and it doesn't do much anymore. It worked fine before prep but now not so much.
    @Kandee-girl I'm having such a trip out moment that my abs are something to covet. Whaaat?! :D thank you so much and you WILL get there!!!

  5. I shave my body & have a Brazilian wax done towards the beginning of peak week. Gotta love hair removal :)

    Starting at three weeks out, I add baking soda to my bodywash when I shower. The baking soda helps exfoliate your skin.

    I tried melatonin for my sleep issues but it didn't work for me so I have taken Tylenol PM to help me catch some zzz's!

    My mom stoned my 1st can use tailor chalk to sketch the design directly onto your suit...E600 is the glue to fast because it dries quickly!

    And I've had my period EVERY frickin' show day - I swear I'm cursed :)


  6. you're definitely looking better! I am going through my first process too but I really cant help you answer your questions either :)

    Contest anxiety yes! I feel you need to take sometime from yourself away from the gym and contest stuff. so i decided that I was going to take a walk every-night or when I can to clear my head and just take time to reflect.

    looking forward to reading more about your journey : )

  7. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate your input!! :)