Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Gives You That Edge?

I often get caught up and down on myself because I'm "not a runner" or I "don't dig cycling." Even more, I will often make myself do those things because its part of what we do as competitors.

But what if I didn't do them? Or put less emphasis on them? Would I fail? Or would I find another way?

Admittedly, we all have exercises we don't love but persevering through them makes us better competitors.  I would prefer an elliptical over a cycle any day. Or a stair mill over a treadmill. I often make myself do those things, although I don't love them, but I believe that putting emphasis on and doing what I love gives me that edge.

Quite frankly, I have workout ADD. I need to constantly be doing something different. And some of those workouts, are more for my sanity than they are for my body... although, still good for my body. Most of you already know, I LOVE hot yoga. Absolutely love it. When I made the decision to not go through teacher training, the decision was made because I also love lifting. And I'm caught in a love triange with lifting and yoga. I feel the strongest in either if I am doing both.

And maybe what gives us an edge above our competition, is what we are doing different from other people. I believe that doing yoga on some days can and does give me that edge above my competition. Now, mind you I still run, I still cycle, I still put in my work. I get flack about doing yoga on a day instead doing MORE cardio. But I swear, the whole idea of spending 90 minutes with a tightened core and a good 45 minutes of completely locked out quads is going to give me that perseverance on stage. That is MY edge. Oh shit! Maybe I shouldn't give it away... ;)

It is also easy, as competitors, to get caught up in THE WEEKS. We tend to gauge our progress and how far we have left to go by how many weeks we have left. But when you get caught into stressing about how many weeks you have left, I'm calling that "Week Syndrome." I'm over that. It makes it feel daunting. Thinking in terms of weeks gives me stage anxiety.

My new Mantra is "Focus on what you can do today."

It is June. My competition is October 1st. And luckily, reminding myself that it is ONLY JUNE makes me feel like I have all the time in the world. Focusing on today, instead of some day in the not-so-near-future. Not only that, but seeing that it is only June gives me the calm that I need to continue in the plan for contest prep. Looking at this in a different light, gives me an edge even over my own mind. ;)

What gives you your edge?


  1. its melissa cunningham-blogger is still slacking on getting crap fixed!
    love the post! and my edge?
    plyos and training like an athlete....

  2. Yes! I never feel bad doing some BodyRock instead of cardio. :) We are so edgy! lol!

  3. I want those socks, they are awesome!! I'm not sure I really have an edge? I'll have to think about that one....

  4. There's nothing like focusing entirely on the pump you feel during a workout.