Monday, June 27, 2011

Training Doesn't Stop When Life Gets Busy

"Training Doesn't Stop When Life Gets Busy," says the girl who is ALWAYS busy. (This girl.)

Luckily, the "busy" part of my summer was this last weekend when my baby sister became a married woman. At 14 weeks out, I could have probably afforded myself a cheat day... but I really didn't want to. The last thing I want is to derail my progress. I recognize my eating habits have moved into the Yellow Zone (meaning, my cravings are a lot less but I could easily be shoved back into the red zone if I don't watch myself...).

Diet. Diet lagged a bit. And I'm refusing to feel bad about it, but just move on. It isn't that I cheated horribly or anything... My meal timing was off. In fact on Saturday, when I had gotten up at 5am, I didn't have time for my first meal until right before the wedding at 11am. Which was an un-graceful "shovel food into mouth". Oh well, now I know I'm not great at focusing on myself during an event like that.

Training. I focused all week. And planned my training around the wedding. I took Saturday as my rest day, although it wasn't really restful at all. I had planned to do some cardio on Sunday but didn't get to it, instead spent the day running around doing chores and running errands. Although I took 2 days off from training, I need to give myself kudos for all week putting my training first... Getting up at 330 to do cardio from 345-415 and then work 430 to 3pm just to train from 330-530pm. It was a long week in that respect... but I got it all in. :)

However, I did still weigh in today at 116.0 lbs which is down 5 lbs from 5/29 and my body fat is at 18.75% (down from 21%). My goal was 17% by today's date, but again, refusing to feel bad about that. I sweated and worked my arse off for that 18%.
Here I am on 5/29 at 121 lbs and 22% body fat.

Here I am now, at 116.0 lbs and 18.75% body fat
My goal is a lofty 4% drop by the end of July. Some girls have the luxury of slowly dropping that body fat for shows, and hopefully I'll be in that range for my next show after this. I'd like to hit my 14% and be able to plateau for a couple weeks in August. Then get back to loss.

Also an update, which I'm particularly sad about... I can't afford a prep coach right now. I will be able to in 2 more weeks... but the wedding drained my savings. :( But I know how to keep myself going and fully plan on it until I can finally meet my prep coach.

So be expecting progress pics around July 25th, in which I vow to actually pose and be in my suit. :)


  1. melissa cunningham here----
    WOW!!!! AMAZING progress girl!!!!!
    way to keep the workouts rolling along depsite life keeping ya busy!
    keep that momentume rolling!!!!
    you got this!

  2. all I have to say is DO WORK girlfriend! WTG!

  3. Your progress is going well, absolutley NOTHING to feel bad about because you did not hit a certian #. What matters most is how you are feeling in your clothes and how you feel. Also, I don't know which body fat measurement taker you are using, but unless you can afford the water one, all the others are off and can vary each time you do it.

  4. I'm having trainers take my body fat via the expensive calipers. I realize they are not all completely accurate, but I feel as long as I continue to have the same thing done I can at least get an accurate picture of whether or not it is going down.

    Thanks ladies!! :)

  5. I watched my body fat like a hawk the last few weeks out and I think I got down to 12%. It takes time to get it down so be patient. You'll get there! you are doing so great already ;-) Can wait to hear about your new prep coach and see your suit!

  6. You look awesome. I definitely see improvement in your midsection and arms!! Good job at the wedding - you did better than me :-p

    As for your contest diet without a trainer, I suggest changing one thing at a time. Add cardio slowly, either by days or by time per session then change diet last. You don't want to lose your protein intake otherwise you lose muscle size :)

  7. Woot! July is going to be fantabulous! I can't wait to see what happens next. :)