Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time to Fire My Trainer

Again. And get a new one. Again. It's not personal, it's business.

Well, my last trainer was PSYCHO. I went back and read that post where I had just fired him and have to tell you... My last trainer was TOXIC, manipulative and seriously... psycho. It was a few weeks after I met Patrick, too, and he definitely helped me push that dude out of my life.

My current trainer is young. And there is nothing wrong with that. But let's be honest here... He has never competed in any NPC event, has never trained any NPC competitor, AND he admitted to me that body competitions are against his morals (WTF?!). That was the last straw.

I need a trainer that is going to be behind me 100%. It is possible that a trainer can train you regarding your own personal goals even if it against what he or she believes, sure. But I think there will be a lack of trust as well as a lack in other areas regarding your contest prep, since it is a very intensive thing to do that requires a huge commitment on both sides of the fence.

Anyway, Trainer... it's not me, it's you.

I'm really excited to meet with a new trainer, Jacques Pitcher, who ideally wants me on prep with him for 16 weeks, which would begin June 11th, but I fear that I cannot afford that until after my baby sister's wedding at the end of June as I am helping with some expenses. So, we're meeting around the 27th and I seriously can't wait. I know that will mean I'm immediately in prep, but I'm half considering NOW as my competition prep. As it should be. This far out, really, I shouldn't be cheating at all with the goals I have set. My body fat is still a tad high going into prep and I should be am starting NOW to get there. BUT! On the positive side, not only he is an NPC Body Builder who has his own accomplishments, but he also has a few National Level Figure Competitors under his belt (does that sound weird? wasn't meant that way..) as well as his own wife who has competed and won her class in Lightweight BB. But not only that, his questions to me via email were VERY thorough, which makes me feel very comfortable with going this route. AND! I'm excited that I won't have to evaluate my own body through the process and wear my mind out.

.. I want to go to there...

18 weeks out, this is completely do-able (right? To get to comp bodyfat?). But I may be calling on some of you for encouragement (or a slap in the face) very soon. I'm very much in the Red Zone right now, the part of any diet where I could gorge on hummus at any moment (no joke... this is THE food that makes me go over the edge.)

During the Red Zone, I:

-Am still vulnerable to temptations and am working hard to make sure I ALWAYS have extra clean foods in case I have an itch I can't scratch :) ... particularly: gum and crystal light, sweet cravings are hard in the Red Zone.
-Am working hard to not put myself into tempting situations. I don't even walk through our work cafeteria right now, sweet potato fries smell incredible.
-Am always carrying my next meal with me.
-Am thankful for Patrick: he has a whiskey & coke everynight, but always tosses the extra soda... he knows me well. :) And he texts me cute "You got this" texts.
-Am still battling headaches... pretty sure that is the sugar/carb addiction withdrawls.
-Am glad that this is happening now. The next event to think about is Father's Day, which I can work bringing my own meals. After that is my little sister's wedding on the 25th... if this had been right now, I would've had a difficult time denying myself cake, but since that is still 3 weeks away I'm convinced I'll be broken of diet anxiety. :)

So, I'm feeling the excitement as I continue to work on my suit and am beginning to have more and more people ask when my contest is. Definitely helps keep my Red Zone in check knowing I'm about to meet a trainer who will be commited to my goals!


  1. I am so glad you have someone who sounds like he might be the one. And you sound overly ready, so nothing left but to do this thing! :)

  2. You are making the right decision! Go with a trainer that has experience and can take you where you want to go. I didn't make this critical decision until WAY too late into prep.

    Draw your line in the sand and get out of the red zone and into the competitor zone! You are a competitor!!

    We are here for you!!

  3. How exciting! 18 weeks is a plenty of time to get in shape for a show! Believe in yourself and commit to prep. We're all here for support, and it sounds like your choice of trainer was a good one.

  4. 18 weeks is lots of time to get ready, especially with the proper coach! As long as you commit to it and stick to the plan fully you'll do great!

  5. Even knowing that I'm meeting with him at the end of the month, has me completely motivated. The diet anxiety is fading and am feeling excited to see the muscles I've built under this layer I'm losing. ;) I've been able to feel the muscleys, but not see them. Yay! Thanks ladies!!

  6. YAY, exciting! I agree, 18 weeks is plenty of time, you'll have no problem getting to where you need to be. Just remember to trust the process. Don't question it, just go with it, do what you're supposed to, and you'll see amazing results. AND, we're all behind you 100%!!

  7. I'm SOOOOOOOO excited for you! You definitely need a trainer you have confidence in & can trust!

    Keep us updated!!


  8. 18 weeks is a LONG time :) You can ease yourself into it....go for it girl!