Friday, May 27, 2011

Ben & Jerry's

All I wanted to say today, is that we have such an incredible community of Bloggers on here. I feel so lucky for all of you and your support. Every word is taken to heart and I love hearing from all of you.

Love you guys. :)

My last blog post was regarding how impersonal food can be, that people use it instead of being vulnerable. And I want you all to know, that your words are so much more useful and appreciated more than a pint of my favorite Ben & Jerry's ever could have been.

I've received numerous emails in the last couple of weeks with more encouragement than I could have anticipated. It seems, I haven't been the only one that needed the support. :)

I have a few friends and relatives that I talk to on a daily basis and each time we discuss their well being and diet. They use me as a sounding board for their meal choices, good and bad, and we talk about the ups and downs... And I feel very lucky to say that I've been able to support them in their respective weight loss journeys. Someone I know lost 6 lbs last week by following their plan AND letting me coach them every day! Having someone support you is so key!

Texting can be a powerful tool, I got the following text on Wednesday from Handsome:
"Baby your gonna win this next figure comp:) I have faith in u babe and u already have the curves most girls can't get no matter what they do."
How powerful is that?! It completely changed my day.

If you need someone to support you in your loss, or even just to listen to your frustrations, I am always available via email during almost the whole workday (I'm on PST) . I realized after some emails with others, that being able to help others really helps me. Or if you need someone to text when you are facing a temptation, again, I'm available all day long (email me if you need this). Speaking words of encouragement to others, encourages my own soul.

You don't have to feel alone in your journey, whatever form that takes. Let me be your Ben & Jerry's. :)

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