Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Biggest Loser

By special request of my friend, Chelsea. :) I actually meant to get this out BEFORE the finale butttt.... forgot. :)
Ending up at 132! Incredible!

I love The Biggest Loser. I tend to fall asleep during it (it goes from 8-10pm... I wake up at 3:45...), but I do enjoy watching it! I get a little worked up sometimes watching it too, because it makes me want to get to work. Those people do things that are just incredible. Day after day, they put their minds and bodies to the test.

They collectively drop hundreds of pounds and do it in a short period of time. What I love watching isn't just them pulling cars around a mile track, or learning capoeira, or the like... but what I love every single week is watching those people who have been down on themselves for years and years and years because of their weight learning to appreciate themselves. And learning that they are worth the effort and learning to be proud of themselves.

Alright. I will admit two things and ask one:
1. I thought Hannah was going to win. But both sisters looked INCREDIBLE! But holy heck! Those girls are tall and thin now!
2. I'm really not sure how I feel about Anna Kournikova joining as a trainer. But I guess it makes sense because she's been a professional loser her whole career. :P She's more like a "celebrity" tennis player. Popular because she's hot, not because she's a success. Heck she ended her career at 22 years old! Those should have been part of her prime years. Anyway, I'm getting off track. I just wonder if this tactic was to draw new viewers instead of getting someone who would help people lose weight.
3. Was it just me, or did it seem like the women were having a contest on shortest skirt?

What I think makes this work, The Biggest Loser, is multiple things:
- Diet: Very well rounded. Small portions, loads of water, and from what I can tell... very much by food pyramid standards within a given amount of calories, which I think is a fantastic way to learn to change your diet and habits.
- Training: ALL over the place. These people do such a wide variety of activities that it constantly keeps their metabolism guessing. Weights, strength conditioning, boxing, farmer's walks (hehe! They PULL cars!), weight complexes, and cardio. I honestly wish I could take 2 weeks and go do their boot camp, just because it sounds like fun!

I honestly feel that their methods are incredible. Although, during any episode they do not *show* their body fat being measured but with very high paid trainers I'm sure that they get a body fat test with calipers or by hydrostatic body fat testing (btw, I really want to try that..).

Does anyone else ever wish this was available to workout to? On at like 4am and again at 4pm, during my am cardio session & pm lift, perhaps...? :D


  1. I LOVE The Biggest Loser too! I find it so inspiring to watch those people over come so much. And it reminds me that I lost 50 pounds 5 years ago and have kept it off and am now working at losing more.
    I would love to workout in one of their bootcamps too! And would love to have Jillian yelling at me. I don't know if I'll watch the show without her on it.
    In Canada, we have a show called X Weighted, which is similar but focuses on one person losing weight and getting fit in 6 months. It's on at 6 am every morning and I work out with that on because it motivates me :)

  2. Lucky girl! I wish I had something like that on that early in the morning! Because in all seriousness, what is more motivating than watching someone with huge disadvantages overcome them? :)

  3. Did you see the legs on Hannah and Olivia???? Wow! And they weren't flabby around the arms (probably for being so young). They had better legs than Kournikova! I was surprised that Kournikova looked so skinny. Hannah and Olivia looked healthy slender, meaning toned, but Kournikova looked just skinny. I will miss Jillian's personality though.

  4. its so important to change up the exercises so you dont plateau

    What an amazing feat! :)

  5. I was JUST thinking that sometime, I want a trainer to set up a "Put Back On the Weight"
    Challenge for me someday... Putting back on 55 lbs would be an intense reality and testiment to the hard work I've put in!

  6. Ok...your comment about Kournikova being a professional loser made me bust out laughing...never understood why everyone thought she was so fantastic!


  7. Will see in the next season what Kournikova is really made of. I which Pauline Nordin would have gotten on the show as she said she had applied for the position. That would have been so good but I guess they went for the popular pretty girl...