Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Slow Food, Food Connection & Connections
My rockin sister who works for our local Department of Ecology turned me on to this. What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.

The whole idea is based on what so many people want in this world: real, wholesome, not genetically modified, slow-grown, home-grown food. Although many competitors eat so much chicken that it is difficult to ensure organic or free-range, I know most of us are concerned with what kind of nutrition we put in our bodies. And I am very interested in learning about quality nutrition. So, anyway check it out sometime!

I'm aware that I talk about nutrition A-LO-HOT (that's Lacey for a lot), but I truly feel that it is the basis of our being. Food and diet really can make or break you, and this is a light that is constantly going off in my head. Another awesome Blogger, Lady J (whom I also love because she's a lifter AND a yogini, a gal after my own heart), recently posted on the frustrations with food constantly being in the office...

This bag of trail mix has been sitting within arm reach of my desk chair for two. straight. weeks. And after reading her post, it occurred to me that people bring around food as a way of "connecting" without engaging.

Isn't it both crazy and ironic that we use food to attach our feelings of disconnect and then shove it in front of others so we don't have to connect?

I really feel like this: Food is impersonal in how its used in all forms. Food is impersonal period.

This weekend I made an angel food cake, that's right. From scratch. It was amazing and I only ate a sliver of it (plus, Handsome doesn't like the strawberry glaze that goes on it, and prefers just fresh strawberries, so that saves some calories), which I refuse to feel bad about.  I used this angel food cake as a way to show Handsome that I love him. Awwww but no awwww. Food is consumed and quickly forgotten about. It is a temporary show of affection. Is he going to remember that angel food cake I made him in a month? Hardly likely. If I had made him something to keep, he would absolutely keep it forever and remember what it was for.

My challenge for myself and I challenge all of you: Find a new way of showing affection, connecting with people, or engaging with people that doesn't include food. And then share it with me!

On another note:
I promised my friend, Donloree... Well, I didn't promise her but I want the ability to make a commitment by supporting her in her journey. We are all at our own lines; not comparing my beginning to anyone else's beginning or even someone else's finish line. This is me and I'm ready to go forward. 
I may not love the hips right now, but I'm lovin those gunz!
I am 19 weeks from competition, and maybe not in perfect shape to begin contest prep, but definitely the best shape I've ever been in. Hopefully soon I'll have a better mirror to show everyone what's up... our only mirror is in the bathroom and I have to stand in the shower to look at my whole body. LOL! 

I'm at 21% body fat and in 4 weeks, I am going to be at 17%. You can expect those pictures around then. :)


  1. Awesome post darling! It's so true about the food being gone. I would constantly try to make my love fancy food but I've quickly discovered that it's the simple food he likes best AND would much prefer something more meaningful than food. Although I do love and always will, big family dinners where we gather around the table together and laugh and reminisce and tell stories but there we are connecting not just eating.
    You're looking great! Look at those abs!

  2. You make some interesting points about food - very enlightening - thanks for making me think!


  3. I've never thought about food like that. Your words give me food for thought! LOL :)

  4. NICE!!!! The guns and hips are hot!! Woot! Love that this picture is not going to be around for a long time!

    I love my husband by feeding him and he couldn't care less about food. This used to create friction in our house, but now there is more connection as we are learning how to show love in ways that don't involve food.