Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Learned This Week...

Things I Learned In the Last Week:
  1. Blogger SUCKS A FAT ONE and deletes posts without telling you. I had this big long blog post yesterday and was really proud. Aaaaaand they deleted it. Good bye useful information for others!
  2. To sum up my blog post from yesterday: The FDA has given permission to food products to lie to you about what is truly sugar-free.
  3. Ketosis rocks.
  4. Just because its free Ben & Jerry's, doesn't mean I need to eat it.
  5. Handsome is the best man for me.
  6. I'm a busy girl. I admit that. I also admit that I struggle to balance time at home, time with family (which I have a bunch), and time with friends. But I learned that I'm excited to put in more time with friends. :D
  7. Blogger really sucks. And I need my own website.
  8. We're not all meant to have EVERYTHING. Just because I want to teach yoga, doesn't mean that its feasible for me right now. <--- I'm not doing teacher training in the fall, figure won out... its what I want.
  9. I'm getting more excited to compete now that my body fat is starting to fall off. (Finally!)

I might be that competitive jerk... ;)


  1. I did read that post, lots of good info. So weird but it looks like every post from yesterday is gone. Wonder why? Glitch maybe? So odd...

  2. I was reading that there was a virus imbedded into someone's post... So to fix it, they deleted ALL Blogger posts made after 7:37pm 5/11. Lame!

  3. They deleted mine too! And yes I think they suck for that too. Have a great weekend!!

  4. yup,i got deleted too!!!
    LOVE that pic of the kids btw! so true,so true!
    congrats with the BF% drop as well!

  5. I read that post too... I think it's back now... confusing! Great week though!

  6. hahahhah you're awesome love this blog!