Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Did It!

Go ahead and thank me. Because I've done it, y'all!

Chocolate flavored lettuce. :D

Just kidding. Wouldn't that be awesome?! I realize that most are against genetically altered corn and wheat but NO ONE would object to chocolate flavored lettuce! ... And if they did, competitors on contest prep would throw heads of "unflavored iceberg" at them. Haha!

But on a serious note, I'm really just excited because I FINALLY bought my NPC membership and paid my entry fee for my contest in October. It's real! I'm doing it!

I technically am 19 weeks out. Holy crap! Haha, just kidding again. This time going into prep I absolutely have no reservations and am not even remotely scared. This time, I'm ready and know I will be ready to begin prep at 12 weeks out. I've made some substantial gains and have put on some muscle (I've put on about 8 lbs since January) in the places I've wanted to: rounded out my shoulders, increased size in lats, and really have tightened up my core.
I've only dropped a couple of percentage points in body fat however, I have figured out what contest diet works for me and I've been eating it for the past two weeks. I realize many competitors eat a keto diet for contest prep and in this case until the 12 week mark I will be eating a carb-up meal or two on the weekend.

In the next seven weeks, I will continue on the keto diet, again with carb-up meals. My trainer and I will continue to monitor this beginning the first of June, as we both want to see how my body does and how I do monitoring myself. However, I anticipate that my body will handle this very well.

As far as training goes, I'm continuing through my endurance phase through May and will go back into hypertrophy in June and July... August and September will be back to fat loss.

Now, onto the tricky part... The Stage. I have my suit, need to sequin the thing. I have heels. I have the tanner (still need to figure out who exactly is going to apply this..). But the tricky part is posing. I know how to pose... I understand the lat spread and the stance, but I haven't figured out how exactly a T-walk works. I think I might buy the contests' DVD from last year just to get that part. :) If anyone has any suggestions or comments (or feels an obligation to break this down for me completely... ;) ) on this they are obviously greatly appreciated.

Pictures to come upon monthly updates! :)


  1. HA! Chocolate covered lettuce! YAY for getting your NPC card, that's exciting news and yes, now it feels real huh? =)

  2. WOOHOO! So exciting!! Your "t-walk" looks similar to mine.(from what I read online anyway) It's not really a t-walk. You walk out to the middle of the stage and perform your 1/4 turns, then walk to the side of the stage and wait. We were directed by the panel but I know some organizations just let you turn on your own time.

  3. Congrats that is exciting! You sound like you are a little giddy (is that a word?) right now. :D

    You had me at chocolate lettuce! ;)

  4. It is a giddy and exciting feeling!

    @Chantelle-I've seen at some NPC events competitors walk to the middle, do quarter turns, but then repeat the quarter turns at either corner of the stage? This is the ONLY thing I wish my trainer had in his cache of knowledge but he doesn't (yet muauahahaa)! But I'm fairly good at improvising if need be, although I doubt I will need to... So many awesome women to bug up on blogger! :D

  5. you made me guffaw! I love that. Chocolate covered lettuce. :) Can you call the promoter of the show and ask what they are having the t-walk be? You've got this in the bag lady!! It is getting exciting!!