Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out of That Mindset!

I don't want to train today.

No, seriously. I really don't. Just like all of you, I have a ton going on in my life, a few things I could feel depressed about, and a bunch of things I feel like need my attention RIGHT now.

I created some tactics some time ago when I was working through some pretty deep depression for just such a mood. And I want to share a few of them:
  • Write down how you feel to the extreme. (Beyond how you currently feel. Most of the time we truly just don't feel up to it, but if you exaggerate the truth it sounds ridiculous. "I just want to sit here and squander away my 20's in misery as I shove my face full of Ben & Jerry's and watch Pride and Prejudice." Now that literally sounds awesome. But also, it literally sounds awful.
  • Write down reasons why you do this. "I do this to create a reason to be proud of myself. I eat well to fuel my body properly. And I train to make my body strong."
  • Consider why you don't want to. "I feel fat." Um, well won't working out help that? "I already cheated on my diet today. I might as well give up today." Again, um, won't working out help that?!
  • Make a list of things that can wait. Include all the pressures that may try to distract you. "I can make the bridal shower cupcakes as I'm making dinner AFTER my workout. I can sweep the kitchen while everything is baking." Everything I worry about can and will wait. And if they can't, ask someone for help!
They are not fool-proof. They only work if you want them to. If you take the time to use every tactic and somewhere deep down inside you truly don't want to feel that way... it will work. :) They are also just a few.

The first part of being a healthy person, or competitor, is to put your own health first. Before everyone and everything else. You can't take care of everyone else or everything else until you put yourself first.

Progress towards your goals daily, no matter what else is facing you, can and will give you the energy to tackle everything else AND will give you something to be proud of... Because you put yourself first in your own life. :)


  1. I find it so interesting how challenging it can be to put myself first. I didn't realize I didn't, and then I find myself battling myself about it quite regularly!! (Think when Superman turned evil and good Superman had to fight really hard! Or Jet Li in The One!!)

  2. That's a really great list of questions. They're kinda similar to the ones I learned from Byron Katie... she asks four questions about a stressful thought (i.e., John is manipulative): Is it true? Can you absolutely know it's true? How do you react when you think that thought? Aaaand where would you be without that thought. Then, you think of the thought's opposite (John is NOT manipulative. I'm manipulative) and how it might also be true. Really interesting. Works better if you write it.

  3. just stopped by to say thank you so much for all you sweet comments on my blog! they always make my day,even on days i feel like you do in this post!!
    your awesome girl,just keep plugging away and things will fall into place -where you energy flows is where you success will grow...focus on positives...hourly!
    hang tight!
    you got this!

  4. Love it !!!
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