Monday, June 13, 2011

Motivational Monday

Today, I'm channelling the power of Cheryl Brown. She's only 5'3" and 116 lbs contest.

She's always just lovely. The smile she wears exudes the confidence she feels. That confidence is my motivation today. Again, I just love the shorties. :) I love how full her physique is as well as still maintaining the petite look. Hope I can meet her one day and tell her what an inspiration she is.
Just an update on my contest prep: Today I find myself really exciteeeed! (Got that? That means really excited. haha)

I'm two weeks away from meeting my new trainer for contest prep and have been more motivated and on track than I have been in a long time. If I could explain to you how often I think about being on stage, it would take up more words than I'm allowed in one day.

Two weeks ago, I blogged about where I was at physically and mentally and today I'm in a much better spot that I have ever been. I'm down 4 lbs. After only 1 week of tight clean diet, I noticed a difference: ab lines coming in, my work khakis felt like pajama pants, and delt definition showing up. However, I'm making my own changes which I feel will help transition me even just for the next two weeks.

So, I'm technically 16 weeks out (from last Saturday) I guess. But I really don't like to think in terms of weeks... stresses me out. However, I'll be excited to make any changes new trainer tells me to. I know I can do certain parts myself but at some point, you just need someone to tell you what to do so you're not over thinking EVERYTHING (like I do..).

Oh! Also! Very interesting, I had measurements taken this morning and had some very fascinating results! I GAINED an inch on my bicep, GAINED .75 on my hips, GAINED an inch on my thighs, but LOST an inch off my waist! Normally, I would be quite dismayed by this progress. However! Since we know I lost 4 lbs yet have not had my body fat tested yet.. this definitely tells me I've lost a significant amount but also gained some significant muscle! :D So excited!

AND! You can expect progress pics in two more weeks- which I'm sure you all will appreciate the difference in my posing. :) Hope you have a great week friends!!


  1. I love it! congrats on losing the weight. Gives me hope I am 5'3 and 33 days out from my first competition

    cant wait to continue following you!

  2. its melissa cunningham-again blogger is FUBAR!
    GREAT JOB on everything!!!!!so excited for you!!!
    keep up your hard work!

  3. I'm so excited for you!! Progress pics!! Also, 16 weeks is A LOT of time, so you will be totally ready.