Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh, the Temptations

Tomorrow I'm 13 weeks out and am happy to report, I've moved into the green zone. I'm not tempted by smells or random cravings at all lately, in fact the smell of fried chicken made me literally sick to my stomach the other day.

We are off for camping for the weekend... We're woodsy people. We live in the country and love to get lost in the woods for a couple days. :) But this is no excuse to cheat. I have my food all portioned and prepared (will post this part when I get back). And like I said, I feel that I've finally moved into the green zone, but am still keenly on guard for camping food. Food can seem like nothing when you're at home and busy with the stuff you have going on, but a tendency when camping is to eat because you don't really have anything better to do. So, my preemptive strike was 2 cases of water and tons of Mio and gum for in between meals. We are going with my mom, and Handsome's whole side of his mother's family and am not really stoked to have to explain why I can't eat prime rib & smores with them But! These are the sacrifices you make for your goals. And in the end, I won't even remember what I didn't get to eat. Does anyone really remember their meals a year later anyway? No. Case closed. I'll stick to my chicken & cucumbers.

My big temptation lately, oddly enough, has been the scale. I was never a "scale person."

When I was overweight, my goal was never a number, it was more about how I wanted my body to look.

Lately, and I think this is due to how hard I have been working, I have been really tempted to jump on that scale just to see if I've truly made any progress. :) But, I've resolved to only weigh once a week. And to be honest, it has really made me work harder. Today I even took my shoes off after spin class and walked over to the scale. I had close my eyes a minute and remind myself that while I really want to see how I'm doing, that I need to push for just a few days more... because I have another 13 weeks to push myself to the limit.

I'm seeing loads of definition right now, delts are popping, ab lines are coming in and it is really way more exciting than I ever thought it would be. When I made the decision in February to give myself more time to train, I didn't know how great of a decision that would be until this moment. I was disappointed in myself at the time, because I felt like I was giving up. But giving myself an 18 week prep and heading into this full force, I feel stronger than I ever have. Mentally my mind isn't playing tricks, I haven't had any emotional breakdowns lately, and my body is keeping up. I want this. Its mine to have. :)

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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  1. It sounds like you're in a really good place right now! I'm so happy for you! I believe in you & know you can deal with any temptations while camping. You make a VERY good point - do we really remember the meals we ate or didn't eat? Nope! :)

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!