Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sick on Contest Prep

Indeed I felt it long before the symptoms pushed their way into full on sickness. But since I've been a very active and healthy person, my levels of sickness have gone way down. I almost never get sick anymore. Not like I used to. I used to get sick what seemed like monthly and be out for a week.

This time had to be different.

I felt the symptoms last week, but fought it. Kept at the gym, kept at my diet. The second I let my guard down, seems like my immune system did too. Which was Sunday and Monday.

But better at 12 weeks, than at 8, or 4. Or 1 week out.

Have I mentioned that I have the most impossibly incredible and supportive man that I could possibly have? Yes? Well, he is and there is nothing that can keep me from mentioning how awesome he is.

Tuesday night, at the peak of fever, cold sweats, head gunk, chest gunk and coughing... He goes out of his way to buy gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein chicken vegetable soup for me... knowing my diet restrictions. Knowing how much competing means to me. AND! Last night he went out of his way to grill turkey, steam broccoli, and even portion and weigh it out correctly for me. *Sigh.* He gave me my supplements, constantly filled up my water, and rubbed my back.

I can barely imagine supporting him in a goal like this, and somehow he amazes me. Part of my contest prep this time around, is being very aware of my attitude toward Handsome and keeping calm when I get stressed. Contest Prep definitely puts stress on your loved ones, and I want to make this as easy for him as possible.

So, what does a competitor do while sick and on contest prep?

I don't know if any of you remember that I'm doing my own suit. GULP! Yes, its true. I felt a tad insecure about it at first, but the more I work on it... the more confident I feel about it. And being sick was the best opportunity to sit down with some green tea, watch some Glee, and iron on some rhinestones to my suit.

This side of the top is now mostly done, just need to finish the other side. I have the straps mostly done... and then I still need to do the bottoms. Handsome always tries to calm my sense of urgency, "Babe, you have plenty of time." Well, if I only have time to work on it on Sundays... That is a total of only 11 days. lol
But I spent a good 5 hours on it yesterday and am really pleased with my progress.

Had to go outside to really show the colors
 I'm getting back in the gym today for some legs and cardio. Diet has only barely strayed during being sick. Never over my calories or macros, but did stray from being gluten-free with a piece of toast.

Special shout out to Kari Keenan over at Figure Girl World who will be competing at Team Universe over this weekend in New Jersey going for her Pro-Card! Get on over to her blog at or find her on Twitter @babytatten and give her some love!


  1. Your suit is way georgeous!!! PLease do a post about where you bought your stuff, how you got the design and traced it on the suit, etc.....

  2. oh Wow!!!! This is so gawgeous Lacey. Can't wait to see the whole finish product on your killer body!!!

    Get well girl, you rock!!! :-)

  3. Oh my goodness! That's an awesome job done while being sick. Who can really say they have the strength to stay on target while feeling crappy?!

    Suit is looking absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    Glad you are feeling a little better.

  4. Love the suit! Hope you get 100% soon :)

  5. The suit looks great!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    & I have a good man too. I'm not sure if he could work the food scale, but he's always there for my demanding back rubs and tissues.

    Feel better!

  6. Wow! Beautiful work on your suit! I hope you're feeling better!

  7. Your suit is gonna look A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!