Friday, July 15, 2011

A Few Noticings

1. Constantly craving apple juice. Part of me tried to convince the other part of me that we needed some crystal light to take care of the sugar craving. But part No. 2 of me convinced part No. 1 that sweeteners actually only making the cravings worse and make me feel bloated.

2. I'm aware I sound crazy. But I promise I feel more like a zombie. Did you know the CDC actually has a Zombie Disaster Protocol?? I go to bed at 7:30 every night. Its sad.

3. I miss cream in my coffee.

4. The anxiety about handling prep has worn off completely. I spend my days generally happy and calm. I love knowing that I only have to do exactly what Jacques tells me to, instead of trying to guess and do it all myself.
And honestly, I've been consciously maintaining this calm. I'm generally stressed about time during real life (as some how contest prep doesn't feel like real life just yet for me). But during this time I consciously maintain a presence that isn't going to stress about minor details, or being on time. But just go where I need to, do what I can, and enjoy the new feeling of strength and max relaxation from all of the cardio. Hoping this will help next subject.

5. It doesn't feel like summer. Hoping that not stressing as much will help me enjoy the summer. But somehow, I just don't think it will feel like summer without beer. Glad I'll be done in time for the best autumn stuff. :)

6. Down to 115.0. I guess I'm excited about that. But part of me isn't believing it. I think its because I just don't feel tight at this point in my diet. My stomach has expanded for all of this meat.

11 weeks!


  1. Melissa cunningham here---gah!i can comment under anomynous?and last week i couldnt?
    oh well......
    first,thank you so much for comments on my blog.....
    2nd- i cant belive you have 11 weeks already!!
    glad to hear you are in a "sureal" calm about prep! just keep those positive vibes rolling!!!!

  2. YAY, I can post something! Hey, you're doing awesome and this is SO great to hear! Isn't having a trainer so nice? Takes all the guess work out which takes a lot of stress off of you. You are so funny =) Glad things are going well, keep up the great attitude and accept that 115 =)

  3. It really does, its really so easy to lose your objectivity when training yourself!
    Its true, the 115 hasn't moved. :) But I'm sure it will be a lower number later this week. I was stuck at 121 for so long I was starting to think it wouldn't ever drop!

  4. I cry a little bit every time I have to drink my coffee with no creamer... *tear*


  5. Lacey - it was great to meet you today! You look fabulous!! I was hoping you weren't thinking I was some freak cuz I kept looking at you - I KNEW I recognized your face!

    Stacyjo (From Oz today)

  6. No Stacy that was so cool to me! You have no idea! :) I went home to my boyfriend and told him about it and he goes, "You're a celebrity!" HAHAHAHAHA! It was/is really fun for me to meet people from the Blog Community! Say hi to me anytime! :)