Monday, April 5, 2010

The Plan- Week 1

I had a revelation last night and really want to see if this will work. Every Monday I am going to post my plan for the week as well as a nutritional goal. By Friday I am going to post my weight just to see how my workout plan has worked for me.

Mostly this will involve the changes of cardio and weight training. But I want to see how my body adapts to what I'm putting it through and see if changing constantly will keep the weight coming off. So here goes!

Week 1- April 5th- April 11th

Weight: 139 lbs.

Monday: 60 mins cardio-elliptical machine
Tuesday: Bikram Yoga (90 min session in a room at 110 degrees and 50% humidity)
Wednesday: 60 mins cardio-elliptical machine
Thursday: Training
Friday: 60 mins cardio-elliptical machine
Saturday: 60 mins cardio-elliptical machine
Sunday: Rest

Nutritional Goal: Be done eating by dinner by 630 and eat only protein and vegetables.

My current guidelines nutritionally are:
-I eat by the Weight Watchers Point System and keep my points around 25 points a day. Technically I only earn 20 points a day, but with all the exercise I put in, 25 should be enough (although I may adjust this in the future).
-I eat 5-6 small meals a day and try to at least keep them about the same amount of points, although that usually isn't the reality... but that ranks lowest on the priority list.
-My goal is to hit about 125 grams of protein each day, and I consume a large amount (a 44g protein shake) immediately after working out.
-And the goal is to finish dinner by 6pm and only eat protein and vegetables, however that hasn't been easy (AT ALL) to accomplish.

So, we shall see my weight on Friday and how that pans out for me. Although, I only really expect to lose about a pound. But loss is loss!

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