Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here I am.... AGAIN.

As I was getting ready for work, I put on a larger pair of pants and realized that I was bloated. Even though I've always liked these pants, I don't want to fit in them... I want them to be huge. And as I was walking to work, I thought about a few things. I felt like I did the best in yoga when I was also realllly doing cardio and weights and taking in a lot of protein. Hmm. And that's the point. I want to feel good during yoga and not feel like I have weight hindering me in my postures!

I did say that for 6 weeks I was just going to go for endurance and not weight loss... Hmm. Well, here I am 6 weeks later without a pound lost (and actually 2 lbs gained but I attribute that to constipation) and re-gained my addiction to good tasting food. Awesome (I hope I am radiating the sarcasm I feel). So, I want to be back in it. In it to win it! I need to figure out a way to get in cardio and weights at least another 3 days a week, aside from my 3-4 days of yoga. Weekends are often hard as they tend to be very busy.

I don't have that many pounds to lose and I can freakin do it! I am notorious for starting projects and not finishing them... I want this to be the ONE thing I get to the finish line on.

So here I am. Again. Rediscovering my motivation... And I have to find it quick. I want my energy level back and the feeling of feeling strong and in control. I have lost control of my eating. Parameters always help me so here are mine for this next 6 week round: (and that's all I'm giving myself to meet my goal... IN IT TO WIN IT!)
-Obvious: maximum water intake
-Back to my high protein. Trying for 100g per day
-Yoga on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes Saturday
-60 mins cardio on Wednesday, Friday and the Saturdays I don't do yoga, paired with a 30 minute weight set
-Try for cardio on Monday or Tuesday mornings
-Only small coffees on Yoga days, to help with the hydration
-Back into being nutso over keeping up on my multivitamins
-Tracking all meals thru Weight Watcher's webiste (Good thing too because I thought my protein shake was only 4 points... Turns out it was 8!)

It is so much harder than it seems. It seems like I burn so many calories during yoga but I don't actually put out that many, I just sweat a lot. Which is why I would like to try to get in some kind of cardio before work or something. And it is hard to keep my food intake at a minimum when I have yoga days. Ugh.

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