Monday, July 26, 2010

Life WAS Hard like a balancing stick..

Alternate Title: "Week 4: July 26th-August 1st"

Wednesday I had a planned night off... I had planned on going to Weight Watchers but didn't.
I cleaned and organized my life. I cleaned all night. Made an amazing sandwich. Took a candle lit bath.
and had a self-realization that I do best when everything in my life is disciplined. Everything is in control. My personality most enjoys life the most in a time where I am focused on the most important pieces of my life: body & working out, nutrition, yoga, cleaning house, on time to work & working hard all day, always drinking enough water & taking vitamins, finances, indulging in taking care of myself (ie. hair, nails trimmed, eyebrows perfect, shaven always) and everything that is most important to me: extreme relaxation and loving on those I love.
I know its crazy but my life does best when perfectly balanced. It makes it so I feel successful. And it makes it so that I can enjoy all of those things equally... when I'm unbalanced I hate almost all of those things (minus those I love... which causes stress on them because I want them to help keep me happy). But when I'm doing the balanced life deal, I love them and don't get annoyed when they have other things to take care of. I can love them the way they deserve.
Its not what you've lost but what you find. :)

Week 4:
Monday: 60 mins cardio & 20 mins weights (arms & chest)
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: 75 mins cardio & 45 mins of weights (legs & abs)
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: 60 mins cardio & 30 mins of weights (back)
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Rest... Possibly a big long bike ride

Results from Week 3:

Monday: Holy beautiful yoga. FULL ON PRANA. Its amazing when you begin to discover what feels right. That you can push yourself because you have learned to steady your breath and understand the posture. And the strangest thing happened, I swear...
A little background, I almost sliced off the top of my thumb on Saturday when I was chopping some onions. During Eagle I swung my arm around and happened to catch part of the nail on my thumb and started bleeding... THEN, during standing Forehead to Knee, I was so concentrated on the bleeding that I didn't even notice that I had held the posture for a good 15 seconds! Which is a record for me!!! It was an amazing feeling knowing I could do it. :)
And honestly, before yoga... I was crying. But the release and control at the same time... It IS such a catalyst for clarity.
Thank you yoga, namaste.

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  1. You are sooo inspiring to me. I love the balanced life part, and know I am the exact same way. Thank you for blogging about it and helping me realize a little more about myself! Thanks lady!