Sunday, August 1, 2010

To a Yogini, Stretching is a Whole Different Deal

Patrick: "You just really gotta stretch out before we run.."
Lacey: "Babe. To a yogini, stretching is a whole different deal."

Alternate Title: Week 2: Agust 2nd-8th

This may seem confusing. I realize that this should have said week 5... but I didn't do so fantastic for the last 4 weeks... So I started over this last week. :) I think now I am ready to commit!

Week 2:
Monday: Yoga in pm
Tuesday: Yoga in pm
Wednesday: Run to the gym, 60 mins cardio & 45 mins weights (arms & back)
Thursday: Yoga in pm
Friday: Run to the gym, 60 mins cardio & 30 mins weights (legs & abs)
Saturday: Probably a run with my handsome
Sunday: Also, probably another run

Results from week 1:
Tuesday: Oh dear yoga. How I love you. I left feeling strong, as I generally do. :)
Saturday: 1st day trying running with the boyfriend. We ran 1.36 miles, but I stopped at least 4 times. I don't wanna talk about it... It was rough. So I'm gonna start using this as a running diary too... Just so I can keep all of it together. (1.36 mi in 20.5 mins)
Sunday: 2nd day running. It was a bit easier, I tried running without music and it totally helped. I RAN 2 miles. Ran. I only stopped once and it was to turn around and rub out my side stitch... But honestly, I'm reaaaallllyyyyy looking forward to yoga tomorrow. (2.0 mi in 22.0 mins)

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