Thursday, August 26, 2010


How often do we look at our lives and hope that in a year it will COMPLETELY different? Like night and day different? Never. And how often do we look at our lives and see that it is completely different than a year ago? Always.

The reality is that our lives are constantly changing. Our loves, relationships, tastes, wants, perceptions, needs, deep desires, the things we place importance on, our passions, our schedules, homes, vehicles, financial priorities, on and on and on.

"You have to give 110% to change 1%." -Bikram

It is funny how perceptions can and will change. There is something to lovely about being able to take your fears during yoga and using it to create your power. Can I be free in my practice knowing that if I give 110% I will always receive? Is that where my pulse really lies? To feel neither heat nor cold in the room. Or to not feel dizzy because really... I'm flying as I practice. Or my practice IS my rest, because I know I will change. My practice and my body and my mind will change.

Someone commented to me recently that I was very different from the person I used to be when I was overweight. And I was offended. How could I be different? I have not changed! My body has simply changed! But, falling in love with Bikram and falling in love with fitness has changed me. It may not seem positive to all. But what is truly important, is to have people around you that support your life and health. The people I love and that really love me, understand how important it is to me. And those that don't, will naturally fall away. We can mourn those, or we can accept that it is a natural part of life that relationships change as well. And I can give 110% to those who love and support me being healthy and balanced yogini.

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  1. This was a beautiful post, and resonated with me in so many ways! Enjoy your sushi and scary movies. :)

    (My word verification word was "healling" - cool, huh?)