Friday, August 20, 2010


Holy Double-licious. I did my first double. My FIRST double. Evar.
I am completely aware that many yoginis do this often, but I just haven't been to that level, or at least feel comfortable to attempt to bring my practice to that level. It was amazing to go through the first class knowing that I still had a whole other class to do! Apparently, however this is not something many do in the small city I live in. Because everyone else in class... thought I was nuts. But let me tell you: In the 2nd class (get ready for this) I didn't feel the heat at all. Practicing felt like a dance. You get in a zone and feel your body and just go. Which made me very aware that up until this point, I have not been present in my body. The whole idea actually geeks me out, but so often we get focused on our image in the mirror and correcting that, instead of feeling what the posture feels like. You look at yourself in the mirror, but be aware of what the extension and compression feels like. This actually REALLY helped me in holding standing forehead to knee.
Feel the calm and the exertion at the same time. Feel the oxygen go in and out of your lungs, giving you all the nourishment you need. Be aware that you have all the oxygen in the room. And my friend Mona was right, during the second class Camel posture, you feel like you're in the palm of God. The instructor, Justis, opened up the door during Fixed Firm, and it was beautiful to see the sunset while making the bridge. It brought the calm back to my mind and my heart as well as a thankfulness to be able to bend my spine.
And a thought came to mind: Sometimes in Savasana, I can feel when I've made up my mind that I'm not going to do the next posture. There are many reasons: a pain in the body, a nauseated feeling, can't catch our breath. But could it be more that we don't want to do a certain posture or don't push ourselves during that time in Savasana to mentally catch our breath because we know we can have a breakthrough in the next posture and our bodies want to fight it? Or perhaps that we can't imagine that in the next posture we will have a breakthrough.
Its just like running or going to the gym. Perhaps when we push ourselves when we don't want to do it, is when we have the best time of our life.
Thursday: Grrr! I hate antibiotics. I know this is gross but I had a super infected spider bite on my leg. I got put on TWO different antibiotics totaling for 6 pills a day for 10 days! And now I'm itchy. VERY itchy. Everywhere. It woke me up in the middle of the night.  So I'm taking it easy the rest of the week. Will be back in hard on Monday.

So now that I'm thinking about it... Autumn is coming. I was walking to work this morning and I could feel how cold it was outside. Autumn is coming, seriously. Which isn't an issue. Actually Autumn is my favorite time of year! And I'm thankful that this year, I have someone to cuddle with and keep me warm. My Sfeetypee (don't ask... its our silly made up pet name. lol). ANYWAY! I love autumn and everything about it (especially the flavors of autumn) so I REALLY want to be done losing weight before October. I don't have a lot left and I am the type of person that when I pick up steam, I REALLY keep it going. I'm like a train. Or a boat. So.... I've talked to my honey and our meals are going to be super simple, to keep the calories down... I'm back to high protein (plus I need to buy a car, and having less groceries to buy means more money). I tend to love these whole 6 week deals, they really get me going. So I'm gonna start over. Yoga is going to be for me, so my cardio and weights are going to have to be fit in around Yoga. And daily.

Week 1: (August 23rd-29th)
AM: Run to the gym, 45 mins elliptical. PM: Yoga
AM: Run to the gym, 45 mins elliptical. PM: Yoga
PM: Run to the gym, 30 mins cardio & 45 mins weights (legs & back), run home from WW
AM: Run to the gym, 45 mins elliptical. PM: Yoga
PM: Run to the gym, 60 mins cardio & 30 mins weights (arms & abs).
Saturday: Hopefully a hike or a run Or if I'm super lucky, Sfeetypee will want to go to Yoga!
Sunday: REST
(Not sure why I wore red with an itchy body...)

I'm actually excited about this. I can be done and just run and have my yoga be my primary focus.

REWARDS: (these are important for anyone trying to get to a goal..)
  • New Jeans
  • A black yoga outfit (And this I REALLY want. Bad. I keep adding some to my cart and almost buying it)
  • Letting myself take doubles in yoga!
  • Blogging only about yoga!
  • Posting all my before and after photos! As well as weights and measurements!!
I can't tell you how excited I am... this is going to be soooo good! :)

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