Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5-11th: Week 1-Done and Gone. Good. Moving on.

Holy Cow. I'm more than excited that this week is over. It was HARD! Getting back into my protein habits, religiously taking my multivitamins and supplements, and rediscovering control over my diet! AND trying to remember what helped me succeed in getting to this point.

Weight from Wednesday (6/30): 134 lbs. Yikes, gained 2. I'm SO not beating myself up about it though. I blame it on constipation. I know, I know. But seriously. I don't feel that is accurate. If anything, I bet I maintained.

Monday: Gah. I don't even feel like blogging about this class. Side stitch was awful and my back hurt a lot. Not even going to continue with how I lost my pride. LOL
Tuesday: What a horrible day. I fell down the stairs at 6 am and sprained my right ankle. Even through that and my hurting back and side stitch I still had every intention of going to yoga. Until I dropped a huge lock on my left foot. At that point I threw my hands in the air and said "F IT! I'm going to bed." I didn't go to bed, but isn't it strange how when one thing goes wrong it completely throws us off?! I didn't go to yoga and I was immediately tempted to order a whole medium pizza for myself. Then I changed it to small. And then I talked myself out of it and into having a ham sandwich (In honor of Ardha-Chandrasana and the Japanese Ham Sandwich... except I had bread haha!).
Wednesday: MAN! Super busy. As you probably have noticed in my previous blog I had a burst of self-awareness in what I want and what I need to do. I had no intention of going to the gym this day, but I went home and made a couple of protein shakes then went to the gym for some cardio, walked up to Weight Watchers and later went for a walk. Lots of activity this day and felt fine the day after.
Thursday: Today I thought about my fitness all day. I feel a bit frustrated but am trying to plow through it. Like I said in my last blog, it has been hard to keep my calorie intake at a minimum but still take in enough to not get dizzy during yoga. And has been hard to keep my calorite intake at a minimum and still get everything I need... My protein shakes add up to 8.5 points per day! That is exactly half of what I am allowed. And I don't even burn that many during yoga. Yikes. So here's what I did:
This day my breakfast was: coffee, water, 1/2 c scrambled eggs and a banana. My lunch was: a lettuce, tomato, and 1/4 c of guacamole. I also allowed myself a snack of 1/2 a protein shake.
During yoga: Wow. I felt calm and collected. For once. I felt strong during Balancing Stick (Tulandasana) and Triangle (Trikanasana) and really focused on my breathing as well as relaxing fully in Savasana. Frustration = gone. Yoga is such a powerful thing when you maintain a presence and look at the practice for how beautiful it really is.
Friday: I WOKE UP feeling awake and strong. This NEVER happens! So, I decided to do some cardio in the morning, I was a bit slow moving to get all my stuff together, eat and get out the door... I did about a half hour of cardio and then got on the bus to work! I. Feel. In. Control. And now I know I can handle some two-a-days. :)
By the way, I'm really REALLY excited. I'll be stoked when my BMI is where I want it and can perform the yoga postures how I desire, fully and without fat getting in the way of crossing my arms, or legs, or lifting my chest off the floor (the fat on my belly restricts my movement upward).
Saturday:Yoga was great. Triangle Pose (Trikanasana) is still SO hard for me! Workin on it though. :) Which in reality, its all you can do. Just work on it.
Sunday: Went hiking! Except it was awful and ugly and the lamest hike I've ever been on. Haha!

This next week is going to be different:
Monday: Yoga (In the morning since we have the day off!)
Tuesday: 60 mins cardio with abs & back workout in the am & Yoga in the pm
Wednesday: 60 mins cardio w/ Lower Body workout
Thursday: 60 mins cardio in the am & Yoga in pm
Friday: 60 mins cardio with Shoulders & Arms workout
Saturday: Yoga!
Sunday: Rest

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