Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 3: July 12-18th

My very first week putting on the new weights schedule. Wednesday was my first true double. However, week 3 will be my first week with the real schedule.

This inspired me on Tuesday and I challenged myself to meditate on it during yoga:
"I feel neither heat nor cold in the yoga room. I do not have to “deal” with them. I do not know they exist when I practice. I am beyond the temperature of the room. I am suspended animation. I am the Present Moment." -Mary Jarvis, master yogini

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: 45 mins cardio in the am & Yoga in the pm
Wednesday: 60 mins cardio w/Lower Body & Back workout
Thursday: 45 mins cardio in the am & Yoga in the pm
Friday: 60 mins cardio w/Shoulders, Arms, & Abs workout
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Rest

Results from Week 2:
Weight from Wednesday (7/7): 132.2
Monday: This day was absolutely amazing. Went to Yoga at 9 am, with only half an apple before. I was able to spend the rest of the day relaxing and doing chores to prep for this week.
Tuesday: Yeahhhh, uh... totally didn't make it for my am workout. Fart! Also, my yoga practice was pretty bad. My back was having spasms. But today is a new day, and I'm over it. Thursday will be better.
Wednesday: Totally made it to my workout at 5am! But! I guess I didn't take into account that I need a few minutes in the locker room before and after the workout as well as time to get to the bus... So in reality, I'm not gonna be able to do a full 60 minutes every morning, only about 45 minutes.
Anyway, very tired by the time I got home. Wednesday is my super long day as I'm gone from 4:30 am to 7:30 pm. Ugh. And not to mention fatigued, hungry, dirty, and dehydrated.
Thursday: 45 minutes cardio... Done. My muscles were sore so it felt good to get the blood flowing nice and early. The gym was DEAD so I got the chance to play around with arm straps for ab workouts as well as the Smith Machine, that way I don't have to look dumb trying to do it with people around. (Yes, I am one of those that doesn't wanna look dumb at the gym) Anyway, I had a smaller coffee this morning so we'll see how I do in yoga tonight.
Yoga: I felt a bit shaky during the whole thing, but I did push myself and felt that I did my best.
Friday: Today, the workout was good! 45 mins of cardio and had time for a good 20 mins of weights. I did work on my full arms and shoulders as well as did some ab work with some hanging leg lifts (by the way, I wasn't ever sure if I could do these, much easier than it sounds).
Saturday: Yoga felt good. Yoga = good. Haha! I did wake up super late so I didn't have time to eat beforehand (And! "Side note": I accidentally walked right through a movie set and didn't even know what happened until someone yelled at me) and had the worst case of "out of it" syndrome. Yoga was difficult but I spent my time focusing on the inner calm instead of pushing myself to my capability.
Sunday: Total rest and relaxation. That's a lie. Partial rest and relaxation. Spent some time in the sun and back at home. I wanted just to relax but I can't ever fully relax when I want to clean my home. Hmm.
Relaxing by the river

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