Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inspirational Tuesday

I've got to give a shout out to Jaime Baird this morning. Taking her second Pro win at the Jacksonville Pro Bikini this last weekend. I have to give this woman credit, she earned a nickname that could not easily be shaken, "The Perennial Bridesmaid" had to have been a hard one to hear. 
If you compare her at the Jacksonville Pro to her 2008 debut, her hard work is astounding.
IFBB Pro Bikini Jaime Baird is one that I particularly admire because she didn't take that nickname as a death sentence. She pushed past it and took 2 pro wins this year.

I'm less than 8 weeks away from my competition and just need to say some stuff.
*I'm really tired of hearing that people thinking that I'm being "unhealthy" or that "this isn't good" for me. Apparently people don't really know athletes and how they eat, sleep and breathe their goals.
     -I'm not going to stop or spend time justifying myself anymore. Its my lifestyle, not yours. I push beyond "feelings" and "wants" to what needs to be done to accomplish my goals. Period. Food, drinks, parties, socializing, etc.
*I'm really tired of spending time justifying my goals to people because they think its vain that I focus so much on my body.
     -At least I am spending time working on the one thing I am going to be able to count on for the rest of my life: My body.
*No, Patrick and I are not engaged. Yet. We both know we want to marry each other, and we have discussed marriage as well as a wedding. I still await a ring and a promise. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. love your attitude here.....
    sometimes you have to just tune the negative vibes out and harness the positive thinking from within.
    this isnt an easy "sport". if it were,then everyone would be getting ready to step on stage!
    in my experiences,the nay sayers are generally the ones who lack the self discipline to achieve such a goal-lack the intrinsic motivation to push themselves beyond what they thought physically or mentally...
    SO,you just keep on rolling with your bad a** self. let the comments roll off your back and just keep pushing forward
    you can and WILL....just cause your cool like that!

  2. You go girl! Don't let the naysayers bother you, you get yours and they will get theirs!

  3. Hey check this out:

    I am going to do it this evening....thought you might like it too since it is by your girl. :)

  4. I had a lot of this too. and I chalk it up to people who just don't get it...and haters....lol they see you're looking great, they see you're pushing you limits and they also see their own failures and their own lack of drive. Dont let them get you down. Im so excited for you to compete!

  5. Yep, me too! Brush it off. They don't get it or they are insecure/jealous. Honestly. I was sick of people saying oh, you're getting too skinny. That really used to piss me off. So yea, don't let it bug you, they really just don't know any better.

  6. I'm getting a whole lot of "this diet you're on isn't good for you!" And its generally by people that I can't just shrug off, but have to explain it out and reassure them that I'll be just fine.
    I'm just tired, irritated, and really want a hot chocolate. lol and maybe a fluffy pillow.
    Thanks for the comforts ladies!

  7. You don't owe anyone any explanation even if you can't tell them to get lost.

    Me If people tell me that my diet is not good for me I would answer back; Oh really!!! how do you know? You've done it before??? I did not know you where an athlete!!!