Monday, August 1, 2011

More Proudness!

I am also one that enjoys jumping on the band wagon. I would like to declare myself as the funny person with the trombone that randomly blows every now and then... because that is about how I feel. :)

Early in my days of Bikram Yoga, my teacher Beth had said (and this is something I will never forget, it constantly helps me moderate my life), "Do what you can today." Her words always have a way of piercing my heart at the right time.

In my mind, my long term successes are a source of pride, but what keeps me functioning day to day is my feelings of pride in my tiny accomplishments.

"You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.” ~Brian Tracy

While I am proud of my relationship with my wonderful, sexy man Patrick, and proud of my family, proud of my crazy giant dogs, I am more proud of the little things.
  • I am proud that I made it to cardio on time on a Monday. That is a success to me.
  • I am proud that I can get up at 345 every day to get all my chores done before heading off to cardio. Because it makes my day a success.
  • I am proud that I have the opportunity to better my body and my mind twice a day, six days a week. The more I do it, the more proud I am that I have built the perserverance.
  • I am proud that I go so hard, that at the end of the day, I am sleeping amazing because I handled more in 18 hours than many people. I am proud of that feeling of absolute fatigue and exhaustion when I get into bed at night.
  • I am proud to be an athlete. I am proud of pushing myself day in and day out. Whether I want to or not.
  • And although I already mentioned my man Patrick, but he really is the best thing in my life. So encouraging, so awesome. He does such incredible things to help keep me unstressed that I absolutely feel so fortunate that I have the right man by my side. No joke, I came home at 930 Saturday morning (from a cardio sess) to the dishes done, laundry going, house swept, vacuuming done, dogs fed, AND he fed himself! That itself is incredible. :)  BUT he had also drawn me a bath. <3 Sigh <3
    He caught the garter and I caught the bouquet at my sister's wedding. Done deal. Love you babe. :)
Something I have thought about in contest prep, is there is no way you can't not get better. The months long span that contest prep covers, is more or less a crock pot to a better you. Its so hot and pressurized, and no room for error that you HAVE to find the courage to keep going. You have to build perserverance for an extreme diet that 99% of Americans couldn't handle. You have to build the desire to be at the gym enough to account for a second job. If courage is not built, if perserverance isn't made, and if desire isn't found... then contest prep really is just leaning out. Not the accomplishment it should be in your heart.
I love the inspiration of hearing what everyone is proud of. Check out some other crazy cool bloggers like Lisa, Liz, Kari, Tenecia, and Stacy and see what they're proud of!

Tell me what you're proud of! I love being inspired by all of you!


  1. I LOVE IT!! I never think of the little things I'm proud of and yet they are the most important.

    We must've done our "proud" post at the same time. Great minds think alike.

  2. Awe Lacey you definitely got a keeper there! I love this and love the positivity! You're doing it, and you're good at it! You ARE a bodybuilder =)