Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bikram Pointers! (for beginners)

When I was a Bikram infant (as I like to call it), I found myself wishing that someone could give me good pointers on how to succeed (or make it easier) in Bikram. I would go to class and could NOT figure out how the pros make it through the whole class without breaking a sweat (seemingly... Haha!). I still marvel at some of these yogis and admire their concentration.

So I put together a few pointers that I try to follow in regards to my practice...
Before class:
-Lots of water before and after
-If you don't feel like going, that's when you need it most

During class:
-Don't wipe your sweat
-Drink warm or room temp water (the temptation is to drink cold water as it is super hot in the torture chamber, but room temperature water hydrates quicker as it doesn't take your body as long to bring the temp of the water to the body temp and can therefore utilize it quicker)
-Follow the instructions of the teacher exactly, and at the exact moment he/she says it
-Use the Bikram towel, as it will help with slipping
-Try wearing less, even if you're self-conscious... seeing your belly will help you concentrate on using it and wearing less will help with overheating

After class:
-Try the coconut water, it can taste a little funny at first but is amazing for re-hydrating and getting in potassium which will help with muscle fatigue
-Evaluate yourself, look at what you didn't do so well on and try using that as motivation for your next class
Also an option: -I also like to evaluate what I ate that day as compared to how I felt during yoga and think about how I can still eat healthy but bring up my energy level in my next class.

Take your practice seriously, and yourself lightly! :)

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