Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Fear

Every day, I get closer to my goal. The biggest fear I have right now, is not being able to maintain my weight. It got so out of hand so quickly back when I gained it all, and I truly fear it becoming an unruly problem for me.
I went to the Weight Watcher's meeting last night and my current weight is 129 lbs. It was my first meeting in almost a year and it is a wonder that I have managed to lose weight through the program but without going. I was asked what my secret is, but it is no secret that Weight Watchers works. They are the ONLY program that has a success rate of over 50% of people who reach their goal keep it off. And not only that but the success rate is 72% keep their weight off! I have been arrogant in the past thinking I could do it myself, but really Weight Watcher's is the only physician approved weight loss program as it is designed to re-teach people how to eat. And it has more than done that for me.

I secretly hope that my leader is proud of me. Because it certainly helps me knowing that my family is proud.

I hope to never lose my love for yoga or for a good sweat. I pray that I never lose my need for fruit and good food and foods that make me feel good. Right now, I would like to say that I have a plan, however I just don't. The Fear is on my mind often lately, and I am really hoping and praying that when the time comes, I can ante up and keep that weight off. The hard part is NOT getting the weight off, it's keeping the weight off.

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