Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21-27th

Follow up on my working out for this last week:
Monday: Yeahhhh, didn't do anything. I take that back, I did do quite a bit of walking while I was shopping. And then I made the mistake of eating flatbred pizza and red wine. In case you've never experienced this, alcohol the night before yoga isn't fun during yoga.
Tuesday: SO GOOD to be back at yoga. I sincerely missed yoga on Monday. It's so odd because I was going to go workout and do some good cardio, and the idea of doing the same thing over and over for 60 minutes didn't sound near as fun as going to yoga. Strange when priorities and preferences change.
Wednesday: I didn't work out. And decided not to feel bad about it. As much as I do love a good workout and staying active, we all need rest.
Thursday: This day was good. I really enjoy making new friends at Yoga, it really helps keep in perspective that it's yoga and it should be fun altogether. I would just like to say that my standing hands to feet pose is starting to really come together. I can feel my face touch my legs and my elbows coming together behind my calves. So amazing!
Friday: Nope. No workout again. And again, I didn't feel bad about it. I had more of a restful week and just reveled in the yoga... but honestly, I can't wait to get back to a heavy workout schedule.

Time for some follow up on my goals:
Sit Ups: Nope. This is going to become a goal that sits in waiting for a while. I don't think I'll be able to do a strong sit-up for a while.
Triange Pose (Trikanasana): This feels amazing. My hip flexors have been incredibly sore. But it is really an amazing sore, a sore that you never thought you would experience.
Hold my gaze: Bad kitty. I like to watch other people and gain knowledge from seeing them. But it also breaks my concentration! There is a woman who only comes to yoga every Tuesday, but she goes into balancing stick SO EARLY, and falls EV-RY-TIME. And since I watch and notice that, I fall too. Ugh. Not her fault though, she's still a baby and I am obviously the toddler that has to watch everyone. :P But on the upside, I also really enjoy watching the directors when they practice and seeing what I can take away from their postures.
Lock the Knee: What is this trickery? Trick goal, and it will always be a goal... As the quest to lock the knee is neverending.

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: 60 mins cardio & Weight Watcher's meeting
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: 60 mins cardio
Saturday: Yoga (depending on if I can get in) or 60 mins cardio & hopefully some kind of weights set. Patrick is out this weekend, so I can get in a good morning work out!
Sunday: Rest

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